Check Your Boiler, Heating & Plumbing During The Summer

Here are some top Summer boiler & heating Tips’ to explain how best to look after your boiler and heating system throughout the summer and to help ensure it is reliable and in tip top shape going into winter.

Workout, Exercise!

EXERCISE! It’s not only helpful for you but likewise for your heating unit! Inactivity is one of the biggest causes of boiler breakdowns. How can you lower the threat of breakdowns? Just turn on your heating every 2 weeks during the summer season, it just needs to be on for 5 minutes at the most! This keeps everything on the relocation, it exercises the fan, pump, valves and keeps the chemical deterioration defense flowing in your system, assisting to prevent corrosion of your system and boiler parts.

Do I need to service my boiler?

Now is the time to have your boiler and heating serviced, this will assist minimize the risk of boiler & heating breakdowns. A simple method to accomplish this, is to secure heating & plumbing cover plans.There are a variety of reasons why the summer is the best time to get your yearly boiler service carried out; your heating engineer will not be as hectic throughout the summer compared to the start of winter, it will permit the scheduling of your service to be simple, with much shorter waiting times and the capability for engineers to evaluate your boiler completely and correct any issues, if a part is needed that requires buying, you will not be fretting about the heating being off for a few days.

Thinking about a new boiler?

Summertime time is the perfect time to replace your boiler, most importantly you will not require to stress over being cold if the system requires to be turned off for a couple of days. You are more likely to get your new boiler set up at a time that is most hassle free for you as there is less need for heating engineers in the summertime. Considering a brandnew boiler has actually never ever been so easy, many businesses now provide flexible financing which takes the stress out of the financial ramifications of a new boiler. That indicates you could have that brand-new boiler set up and pay just ₤ 25.00 each month. You then have the option to choose how much of a deposit you would like to pay, if any and the duration that the financing is spread across, some companies even provide to 10 years need to you require it! Modern boilers are known to be more dependable and cheaper to run than older models. Which might save you a loan when it comes to winter and supply you with peace of mind. It is constantly better to replace your boiler before you require it, rather than run the risk of a breakdown in the middle of winter, which implies you could be suffering with a cold house up until it can be replaced.

Avoid those frustrating radiator valves

Check all of your thermostatic radiator valves are totally open to limit whilst you are not using the heating in the summer. The threat of the thermostatic radiator valve getting stuck in the off position is much higher if it is refused low during the summer season. Which might imply your radiators stay cold and will not heat up when you next put the heating on. When a pin on a thermostatic radiator valve gets stuck, it generally requires an entire brand new thermostatic radiator valve to be installed. This can be an unanticipated expense that can frequently be prevented, it will also make sure that you have peace of mind that your radiators will heat up as soon as the winter sets back in and you won’t be needing to wait on an engineer to address resolve this for you during the busiest time of the year.


Going on holiday? leakages don’t simply take place throughout the winter season, unless water is needed for family pets or watering the garden, why not switch off your stop cock, that will lower any damage if a leak takes place while you are away, if your pipework or ball valve springs a leak whilst you are away the possibilities exist will be no one to observe it until your return by then there could be significant damage.

Merely isolating the supply at your stop cock is a fast and simple method to minimize the dangers, leaving you to enjoy your break. Don’t leave finding your stop dick till 5 minutes before going out the door! Find your stop dick, make sure it works a couple of weeks before going away, if it is too tight to use call your plumbing technician who will be pleased to help.

If you require to leave the water on for a neighbor to water the garden, make certain they know where your water, gas and electrical power to turn off and who they ought to call if there is an issue i.e your plumbing technician’s phone number and so on. When is the finest time to place your heating oil order?

Did you understand that heating oil is usually less expensive when acquired in the summertime compared to winter? This is among the main benefits for buying your heating oil in the summer season, you can typically get it provided quicker and at a time more ideal to you. It is also a great time to have your tank checked out prior to filling to ensure it is in good condition and the isolation valve is operating as it should.

Beginner Plumbing Advice For Everyone

If you’re a new homeowner, it’s important you discover some newbie plumbing tips. It’s not as much enjoyable as designing and painting rooms in new colors, however it’s a set of abilities you need to have in your house owner arsenal.

Here are 10 things you should know if you’re a house owner newbie:

If you ever experience any kind of water breakdown, leaks, or flooding, you can turn off your house’s water supply at the primary shutoff valve. Make sure all your family members who are old sufficient to be able to turn it off in a water emergency situation understand where it is, too.
How to clear a sluggish drain. If your restroom sink is draining pipes gradually, there are a couple things you can do. First, utilize a sink tool to take out any accumulated hair, which is often a source of obstruction. Pour some warm water blended with about a half cup of vinegar down the drain.
When it solidifies it obstructs the drain. Don’t put large pieces of food debris down the drain.
The significance of installing a strainer in the shower and tub. This is a simple method to catch hair and other globs of soap and shampoo before it decreases the drain and obstructs up the pipes.
Replace your washing machine pipes. This should be done every three to 5 years. A bad or aging hose pipe can lead to leakages and damage, and can rapidly result in floods in the laundry room, and the areas beside it.
The ins and outs of your water heater, whether it’s a standard design or a tankless heater. Specifically, you need to understand the age and condition of your heating unit. You must also be familiar with any warranty it has. The heating unit should be drained pipes about when a year.
Whether the toilets are dripping. Open the tank and include a few drops of food coloring. If the color appears in the bowl throughout the next 30 minutes, you have a leakage.
If all connections are tight. This opts for dishwashers, ice makers, and washing makers.
Never ever use a liquid cleaner to try to clear the drain. While these cleaners guarantee results, numerous end up destroying your pipelines. You should call a plumbing technician if you can’t fix the problem with a hand snake or plunger.
How to clean faucets and showerheads. These parts generally gather mineral accumulation, causing the water to come out slower. The very best way to clean them is by soaking them in vinegar then scrubbing off the build-up.

Plumbing Tips For New Home Buyers

When you move into a new house there are a couple of pipes tips that can ensure you do not have end up with a plumbing emergency on your hands. The last thing you want to do is invest a fortune fixing an issue that could have been avoided. That is why we compiled this list of pipes pointers for brand-new house purchasers.

Know Where Your Main Water Turn Off Valve is Found

When it comes to an emergency situation, knowing where your water shut down valve lies is vital. Having the ability to turn your water off can save you the time and cash you ‘d spend dealing with flood damage if a pipeline were to break.

Do Not Utilize Chemical Drain Cleaners

They may look like the easiest repair, however chemical drain cleaners will in fact do your pipelines more harm than good. Due to the threats of chemical cleaners, if you have a blocked drain, attempt using a plunger. Switch to a drain snake or call a pipes professional to assist you if that does not work.

Fix Leaks Right Now– No Matter How Small

If left untreated, small leaks can quickly turn into big leakages. Fixing a leakage when it’s small will conserve you from the headache a big leakage can cause, in addition to aid you minimize your water bill.

Buy a Pipes Set

Make certain to have a plumbing package in the house at all times. This can include a toilet and drain plunger, a drain snake, duct tape and a tool set. Being prepared for a plumbing problem can imply the distinction in between a quick fix and a plumbing disaster.

Plumbing Advice For New Home Owners

To avoid stressing over the pipes for the new house, our Grand Rapids plumbing professionals provide our five pipes suggestions for new house building and construction. For more info, we suggest consulting with a brand-new house building and construction plumber near you.
1.) Set Up Hot Water Heater and Furnace in Basement

The most practical place to install your brand-new hot water heater and heater is in the basement. If you aren’t planning on having a basement, we suggest setting up these two appliances on the main flooring of your house. An energy closet can be the best location to hide the hot water heater and heater.
2.) Centralize Plumbing in Basement

It makes it easier for licensed plumbers to resolve a concern when whatever is located in the same corner of your basement. When creating and developing your brand-new house, we recommend setting up the following pipes devices near each other:

Hot water heater
Sewer connection
Sewage ejector pit
Water conditioner
Basement sump pump

3.) Make Main Water Shut-Off Valve Accessible

Like the name suggests, the primary water shut-off valve is accountable for switching on and off the whole water system for your house. In the event of a leakage or a primary drain line obstruction, you’ll wish to be able to access your house’s main water shut-off valve in a hurry. If your home will have a crawlspace, make certain the primary valve lies somewhere in your home. Conserve yourself the aggravation of crawling below your house with a flashlight by installing the valve somewhere accessible.
4.) Have Sump Pump Discharge Far From Home

The whole point of a sump pump is to pump water that would have flooded into your basement far from your house. Nevertheless, when the sump pump discharge line isn’t connected to the storm drain, this makes keeping your basement dry difficult. To prevent water damage in your recently built home, ensure that the sump pump discharge line is directed to an area where water can safely drain away from your house.
5.) Install Pipes for Water Conditioner

Water softeners are best for homes where hard water problems prevail. Even if you do not require a water conditioner, we still recommend setting up the pipes for one. Installing pipes for brand-new houses suggests bearing in mind that your pipes needs might alter 10 years from now. Water conditioner systems are also appealing to potential homebuyers if you ever decide to offer your home. Installing a water softener will be a lot easier if the plumbing is currently there.

Plumbing Advice From An Honest Plumber

We’ll cut ideal to the chase with our pal’s # 1 little bit of suggestions:

1. Use a live enzyme plumbing item (such as Bio-Clean) to keep drain lines and keep them from obstructing from grease or other by-products. The item might seem expensive however it will conserve you lots of money and hassle in the future.

Know where your water main shuts off. If you live in a condominium, discover out if individual systems will shut off or if the entire structure has actually to be turned off.

3. Remove hoses from outdoors faucets before they freeze in the fall. When you remove the hose pipe, it permits (new, freezeless) faucets to drain pipes out and not ice over.

4. If you ever have a problem, check and make sure all stops under sinks and behind toilets turn quickly so you can shut those off.

5. If you’re installing or designing a new bathroom, ensure you have access to tub and shower valves from the opposite of the wall(s) on which they lie. Never position brand-new valves on an outdoors wall.

6. When purchasing a brand-new house, ensure the sewage system lines are looked for any root or settling problems.

7. Do not put big amounts of coffee grounds or A LOT OF ANY STARCH ITEM (rice, potatoes, bread, and so on) down your waste disposal unit! As my cousin discovered, starch will develop into a clog the drain and paste. Coffee grounds tend to draw in grease and accumulation. If you peel a lots potatoes into the sink and then try to stuff everything down the pig you are asking for it, small chunks of the stuff are fine but!

8. Ensure you understand where all of your clean-outs (the access to the sewage system line) are located.

Over time, galvanized water lines can wear away or rust shut. The new PEX or plastic pipelines– although far less costly than copper– are not almost as durable and do not perform almost.

10. Inexpensive components (no matter how stylish they appear) are simply that: cheap components. They will break. Plumbing items and plumbing technicians are costly.

BONUS OFFER # 11: Don’t have sex on the toilet! The can isn’t built to take all that rockin’ backward and forward.

Common Plumbing Issues Solved

Plumbing is something lots of take for given, and when it quits working correctly, you’re left clueless as to the best ways to repair it. Leaky pipelines and broken seals are things that most homeowners will go through at least once in their lifetimes– 10% of homes have leakages that can squander over 90 gallons each day. The good idea is that plumbing support is readily available when you need it and you’re not stuck attempting to repair something yourself. A reliable plumbing professional should be your go-to expert for all things pipelines in a perfect world. Nevertheless, lots of homeowners try to take their plumbing projects on by themselves. If a pipes service isn’t your very first call, here are some fast pointers for general accidents:

Sink-hose gets caught: If you need to fiddle with your sink-sprayer for a few minutes before it’ll come loose, possibilities are it’s getting stuck on a shutoff valve. Cover the pipes under your sink with foam pipe insulation (or a cut pool noodle if you’re crafty enough) to prevent the pipe from catching on the valve.
Truly loud sink: A dual stainless sink can get pretty loud with the water echoing in between the basins. A good way to reduce the sound is to spray an expanding foam between the basins (beneath the sink). It’ll decrease the vibrations and minimize the echoing noise from spraying water and other banging noises.
The water is off but I have to utilize the toilet: Whether you remain in the middle of a job or you simply found a leak, the water is (must be) switched off. An excellent prep technique is to fill a few containers– two gallons is optimum– with water before you shut the water off. That way if you need to utilize the toilet throughout a job you can dispose the water from the bucket into the toilet bowl; it works in addition to a routine flush. If your job is dragging out, though, you must get professional plumbing assistance to gain back the use of your toilets.
Water goes all over when I pull the sink trap: You aren’t alone with this one. You get wrapped up in finishing your project, and you think shutting the water off is all you need to do. You probably forgot about the water still stuck in the sink trap. If you ‘d rather not get water discarded on you or the inside of your cupboard then try plunging the sink drains pipes. Most of the water will be displaced of the trap, however if you have a double sink you’ll need to plug the other drain first.

The good thing is that pipes assistance is readily available when you need it and you’re not stuck trying to repair something yourself. The water is off however I need to utilize the toilet: Whether you’re in the middle of a project or you simply discovered a leak, the water is (need to be) turned off. An excellent preparation technique is to fill a couple of containers– two gallons is ideal– with water before you shut the water off.

Water Efficiency Tips

It might appear like here in the U.S. water is in plentiful supply, only about 3.5 percent of the Earth’s water is offered fresh water that falls from the sky and moves into our streams, rivers, lakes, and groundwater. The other 96.5 percent comes from our oceans. Water waste has actually created a situation where the possibility of a water lack could be a really real circumstance for us. That’s why it’s so important to minimize the amount of water waste daily.

Summertime is crucial for water cost savings
Throughout the hottest time of the year, homeowners increase their water usage by a big total up to preserve their shrubs, yards and flowers; they likewise provide leisure for swimming in swimming pools or yard water slides and games. Services are doing the exact same to keep their landscaping looking vibrant and fresh; water parks and community parks are providing enjoyable ways for kids to cool down. People also tend to use more water in the summertime to do laundry, clean their vehicles and hose down patio areas; perhaps even Fido will get a bath more regularly in the summer season.

In addition to that water usage increases by a big amount in the summer season, what’s even worse is the amount of water waste that collects throughout usage. Think of the amount of run that occurs when you’re watering flowers and shrubs, and quantity of water squandered when you’re washing your cars and truck or providing the pet a bath. To conserve water, especially during these peak times, it is essential to limit the amount of water that is wasted. There are a variety of water conservation methods and water saving tools that can assist achieve this task.

Running Water– Whether you’re brushing your teeth or doing the meals, do not let the water run needlessly. Turn the water off while you brush. Utilize a dish pan to soak and clean the meals, then wash them quickly under cool water. The savings is unbelievable; you can conserve approximately 8 gallons of water per day by merely turning the water off while you brush!
Got Leaks? Did you know that leakages waste more than 100,000 gallons every year in the average home? Checking for leakages is easy, and the majority of the time repairing water leaks is even much easier! Not to mention the chance to enhance water performance and reduce expenditures. Toilets, faucets and outside and indoor showers are the top places to check.
Recycle! It might sound ridiculous, however you can in fact re-use water that would otherwise be squandered. For instance, while you’re waiting on the shower water to heat up, put a pail under the tub faucet to catch the cold water for watering plants! Or how about re-using warm water that you use throughout cooking (vegetable stock, anyone?).
Toilet & Shower– Change your old showerhead with a low-flow head and go from using 2.5 gallons per minute to under 2 gallons per minute. And did you know that toilets are the greatest contributor to water use? Consider a high-efficiency toilet and conserve as much as 13,000 gallons of water each year in your home.

Every bit counts! These suggestions don’t take much to implement, it’s simply a matter of developing brand-new practices that assist the environment, your plumbing system and your wallet! Do your part to secure and preserve for a friendlier, longer-lasting planet.

It may appear like here in the U.S. water is in abundant supply, only about 3.5 percent of the Earth’s water is offered fresh water that falls from the sky and moves into our streams, rivers, lakes, and groundwater. In addition to the truth that water use increases by a large amount in the summertime, what’s worse is the amount of water waste that builds up during use. Believe about the quantity of run off that takes place when you’re watering flowers and shrubs, and amount of water lost when you’re washing your vehicle or offering the dog a bath. To save water, particularly during these peak times, it’s important to limit the quantity of water that is squandered. While you’re waiting for the shower water to warm up, place a pail under the tub faucet to catch the cold water for watering plants!

Easy Tips For Your Home Plumbing

When worrying pipes, you will not accept anything but the best ideas and techniques. This is essential because you take pride in exactly what you do, no matter if it is for another person or for your very own private work. Utilize this article for the best pipes advice around.

Your septic system needs to be pumped out a minimum of as soon as every 5 years if you desire it to stay in maximum working order. Routine upkeep will keep sediment from backing up inside of the tank. Sediment can not only cause the sewage in the tank to back up into your home, but it can cause the tank to fail completely. Although it is rather of an expenditure to pump out a sewage-disposal tank, it is absolutely nothing compared with what you will need to spend on cleaning up a backup of sewage or repairing or replacing your septic system.

If you have a blocked drain, put on \’t use cleansing chemicals to attempt to clear the obstruction. These extreme chemicals can rust your metal pipes leading to leakages and damaged pipelines over time. Rather, stay with a plunger or utilize a plumbing snake to clear them.

Bursting and frozen pipelines from severe winter weather is an issue that no-one wants, so strategy now to winterize your outside faucets and pipes versus freezing conditions. A basic way to accomplish this is to find the outside water shut-off valve located inside your house (frequently situated in the basement). Shut off the water valve to stop water flow, and then open up the outside faucets to drain pipes out any water that has collected. Be sure to switch off the outdoors water faucets tightly after the water has actually drained out. Take in any hose pipes you might have outdoors so they wear \’t fracture from the cold weather.

Got a dripping pipe? Oftentimes you can repair this yourself without the cost of a plumbing technician. Tighten it with a pipeline wrench if a joint is leaking. If the leak is originating from a harmed section of pipe, you can try fixing with a store-bought patching set. One method includes using water resistant tape to the area of pipe where there is leakage. Prior to using the tape, make certain the pipeline is completely dry. Ensure that the tape covers 2 to 3 inches on either side of the breakage in the pipeline.

If water is supporting into numerous fixtures all over the house, it is no longer going to work for you to utilize chemicals or a small hand snake. This is evidence of a blockage in the main line, and you need to contact an expert to take care of this problem for you.

By knowing your pipes and how it works, as was mentioned before, can conserve you a lot of money and time. There \’s absolutely nothing worse than a pipes accident to mess up your day. So, utilizing the recommendations from this article, you can be sure to save yourself a huge headache!

These severe chemicals can corrode your metal pipelines leading to leaks and broken pipes over time. Frozen and bursting pipelines from extreme winter weather condition is an issue that no-one desires, so plan now to winterize your outside faucets and pipelines against freezing conditions. If a joint is dripping, tighten it with a pipe wrench. If the leakage is coming from a harmed area of pipeline, you can attempt fixing with a store-bought patching set. Make sure that the tape covers two to three inches on either side of the damage in the pipe.

Cheaper Water Bills With These Plumbing Tricks

When working on the family budget, it’s constantly a great idea to watch on your monthly energies. Every area and individual home will have a distinct usage pattern for water, power, gas, and web. This will vary with the seasons as we show up the A/C or the heat, shower more or less frequently, and alter how we cook. Nevertheless, once you get a feel for exactly what an utility expense should be, it’s always tempting to try and lower that number. Little things like switching off lights and repairing drippy faucets can conserve you a couple of cents each day however with careful attention and a couple of pipes ideas, you can especially reduce your annual water bill without cutting down on washer loads or showers.

1) See the Water Meter

Among the first things you ought to learn to do is see your water meter. This is typically situated someplace outside your home connected to an outside wall. It determines what does it cost? water your house uses from the municipal supply of water and is what identifies your expense. If the water meter continues to tick slowly up even when you’re not utilizing any water, this can show a problematic leak and the cause of any all of a sudden high water expenses.

2) Install Low-Flow Faucets

There are several various methods to reduce the flow of a faucet and the most popular is simple aeration which slows the circulation of water and blends it with air. This expands the water beads into a spray that can clean hands and dishes just as well as a concentrated circulation of water without utilizing almost as much. You can likewise discover low-flow shower heads which will minimize the amount of water you use per minute showering however won’t decrease the quality of the showering experience.

3) Two-Mode Commodes

Low-flow toilets are great. They conserve water on all those little flushes but in some cases you require a full-force old fashioned flush to make sure whatever decreases or to solve a moderate clogging issue. To accommodate both styles, get a two-mode toilet. The majority of the time it will flush at the low-flow rate saving water whenever. Then, if you need a timeless flush all you need to do is hold the handle down a little longer.

4) Update Your Hot Water Heater

When they’re developed and couple of property owners even keep in mind to get their water heating units kept, many houses have a water heating unit set up. For the most part, we don’t observe the water heater at all unless it starts to stop working. nevertheless, it is an essential appliance and an essential part of your pipes infrastructure. The more modern-day hot water heater are more secure, more energy efficient, and have not been sitting unmaintained in a house for 5 to fifteen years. Have your water heater maintenanced at least and think about updating to a newer, more effective model.

5) Adapt the Washer Settings

Finally, the way you utilize your water-based appliances matters regarding how much water they take up per load. Both the dishwasher and the clothing washer respond to the modes you choose in the past hitting ‘start’. The next time you’re packing a washer, consider sorting the contents to clean with precisely the settings you need. Little loads, if shown, will utilize less water while cold loads will use less power. Ensure the dishwashing machine is organized so that whatever can be sprayed and aim to run it as full as possible. The clothing washer, on the other hand, must run arranged loads at about medium capacity so there’s room for agitation and toppling. It likewise assists to utilize the right soap in the correct amounts as well.

Little things like turning off lights and repairing drippy faucets can save you a few cents each day however with careful attention and a couple of plumbing ideas, you can significantly lower your annual water bill without cutting down on washer loads or showers.

It determines how much water your home uses from the local water supply and is exactly what determines your expense. If the water meter continues to tick gradually up even when you’re not using any water, this can suggest a bothersome leak and the cause of any all of a sudden high water bills.

Most homes have a water heating system installed when they’re constructed and couple of property owners even remember to get their water heaters preserved. Little loads, if suggested, will use less water while cold loads will use less power.

Plumbing Tricks For Pet Owners

If you are a family pet owner, you do not have to be told that the object of your affection may not constantly live by the very same rules that you do. When pets are at loose ends, it is not unusual to find they have actually chewed on a home item, or ripped a piece of clothes (or furniture) to shreds due to the fact that after being kept inside too long.

It’s typical to watch out for events such as these, and you probably have techniques for preventing them. Have you ever questioned how might having a pet could affect your pipes system?
Bath Time

Do you shower your pet in your bath tub? It is very important to make sure that a stopper or strainer is in place, to prevent a drain ending up being clogged with animal hair. This is particularly crucial if your family pet is prone to shed excessively. You can further minimize the stress on the drain by offering your family pet a good brushing prior to welcoming it into the tub. Depending on the kind of coat that your pet has, you might also eliminate an excellent bit of dirt, lawn burrs or other surprises that you ‘d enjoy to keep in the backyard. After the bath, clean down the sides and bottom of the tub with a paper towel or a wipe to collect staying hair.

A pressure-balancing valve in your shower can prevent an unexpected rush of scalding water if somebody takes place to flush a toilet while you are bathing your animal. (The human beings in your house also gain from this safeguard.).
Cat Litter.

No matter what it says on the box for your favored feline litter item, it’s not a smart idea to flush this material down the toilet. Aside from the possibility of stopped up drainage pipes, feline feces can consist of hazardous parasites that community water treatment systems are not designed to remove. Better options consist of:.

A plastic bag inside another plastic bag– This avoids the spread of bacteria along with consisting of smell.
Proclaim plants– If the litter you are utilizing is naturally degradable (e.g., wheat), you can spread litter around plants. Never ever utilize on vegetable gardens!
Throw it in the trash– This is the best plan– double-bagged and taken directly to the outside garbage can.


Make it a family policy to keep your toilet lids closed at all times if you have an animal. Aside from the obvious factors it is disturbing to discover your pet drinking from the toilet bowl, remember that there can be residues from the cleaners and chemicals that you are used to keep it sanitary that could harm your pet.

Of course, it’s constantly possible someone will forget to shut a cover. As a further action towards making the toilet the preferred location for a thirsty pet, make sure to leave lots of clean, fresh water out where they can discover it.
Does Your Pet Love to Dig?

In some cases, a water or sewer line may lie less than 2 feet below the surface area of the ground. Keep an eye on what it is up to if your canine is an aggressive and regular dirt excavator. It’s not necessarily likely that it could put a hole in a sewer or water line, however it is possible.

Do you shower your pet in your bath tub? It’s essential to make sure that a stopper or strainer is in place, to avoid a drain becoming blocked with pet hair. This is especially essential if your pet is susceptible to shed excessively. You can even more reduce the strain on the drain by offering your pet a good brushing before inviting it into the tub. Depending on the type of coat that your animal has, you might also remove a good bit of dirt, lawn burrs or other surprises that you ‘d be pleased to keep in the yard.