Check Your Boiler, Heating & Plumbing During The Summer

Here are some top Summer boiler & heating Tips’ to explain how best to look after your boiler and heating system throughout the summer and to help ensure it is reliable and in tip top shape going into winter.

Workout, Exercise!

EXERCISE! It’s not only helpful for you but likewise for your heating unit! Inactivity is one of the biggest causes of boiler breakdowns. How can you lower the threat of breakdowns? Just turn on your heating every 2 weeks during the summer season, it just needs to be on for 5 minutes at the most! This keeps everything on the relocation, it exercises the fan, pump, valves and keeps the chemical deterioration defense flowing in your system, assisting to prevent corrosion of your system and boiler parts.

Do I need to service my boiler?

Now is the time to have your boiler and heating serviced, this will assist minimize the risk of boiler & heating breakdowns. A simple method to accomplish this, is to secure heating & plumbing cover plans.There are a variety of reasons why the summer is the best time to get your yearly boiler service carried out; your heating engineer will not be as hectic throughout the summer compared to the start of winter, it will permit the scheduling of your service to be simple, with much shorter waiting times and the capability for engineers to evaluate your boiler completely and correct any issues, if a part is needed that requires buying, you will not be fretting about the heating being off for a few days.

Thinking about a new boiler?

Summertime time is the perfect time to replace your boiler, most importantly you will not require to stress over being cold if the system requires to be turned off for a couple of days. You are more likely to get your new boiler set up at a time that is most hassle free for you as there is less need for heating engineers in the summertime. Considering a brandnew boiler has actually never ever been so easy, many businesses now provide flexible financing which takes the stress out of the financial ramifications of a new boiler. That indicates you could have that brand-new boiler set up and pay just ₤ 25.00 each month. You then have the option to choose how much of a deposit you would like to pay, if any and the duration that the financing is spread across, some companies even provide to 10 years need to you require it! Modern boilers are known to be more dependable and cheaper to run than older models. Which might save you a loan when it comes to winter and supply you with peace of mind. It is constantly better to replace your boiler before you require it, rather than run the risk of a breakdown in the middle of winter, which implies you could be suffering with a cold house up until it can be replaced.

Avoid those frustrating radiator valves

Check all of your thermostatic radiator valves are totally open to limit whilst you are not using the heating in the summer. The threat of the thermostatic radiator valve getting stuck in the off position is much higher if it is refused low during the summer season. Which might imply your radiators stay cold and will not heat up when you next put the heating on. When a pin on a thermostatic radiator valve gets stuck, it generally requires an entire brand new thermostatic radiator valve to be installed. This can be an unanticipated expense that can frequently be prevented, it will also make sure that you have peace of mind that your radiators will heat up as soon as the winter sets back in and you won’t be needing to wait on an engineer to address resolve this for you during the busiest time of the year.


Going on holiday? leakages don’t simply take place throughout the winter season, unless water is needed for family pets or watering the garden, why not switch off your stop cock, that will lower any damage if a leak takes place while you are away, if your pipework or ball valve springs a leak whilst you are away the possibilities exist will be no one to observe it until your return by then there could be significant damage.

Merely isolating the supply at your stop cock is a fast and simple method to minimize the dangers, leaving you to enjoy your break. Don’t leave finding your stop dick till 5 minutes before going out the door! Find your stop dick, make sure it works a couple of weeks before going away, if it is too tight to use call your plumbing technician who will be pleased to help.

If you require to leave the water on for a neighbor to water the garden, make certain they know where your water, gas and electrical power to turn off and who they ought to call if there is an issue i.e your plumbing technician’s phone number and so on. When is the finest time to place your heating oil order?

Did you understand that heating oil is usually less expensive when acquired in the summertime compared to winter? This is among the main benefits for buying your heating oil in the summer season, you can typically get it provided quicker and at a time more ideal to you. It is also a great time to have your tank checked out prior to filling to ensure it is in good condition and the isolation valve is operating as it should.