Should I Turn Off My Water Before Going on Holiday?

With the weather condition warming up and summer season in sight, it’s the time that we start planning our trip. Between scheduling hotels and loading your bags, have you considered exactly what your house requirements while you’re away? No one wants to come home to a plumbing emergency situation or flooded home, so should you turn off your water supply prior to you go on holiday?

The Danger of Water Damage While You’re Away

You might not expect to come home from getaway to a flooded home, however leaving your home ignored for weeks or months can produce a possibility of this situation unfolding. With water running under pressure through your pipelines, and your pipes system left unchecked for extended periods of time, a small vulnerability or leakage can leave your house flooded by the time you return from vacation. With no one in the house, the water damage can be catastrophic by the time you even understand there’s an issue.

Shut down Your Water System During Getaway

Shutting off your main water system throughout getaway is a smart method to prevent unanticipated flooding while you’re away. You should shut off the mains water supply when you’re far from your house on vacation, even for brief weekend trips. This keeps your home safe from flooding while you’re not around.

Ways to Switch off Your Mains Water System

To avoid the threat of a plumbing emergency situation while you’re out of town, find your mains water supply valve, and turn it off so that extra water can not flow into your pipes. It is imperative to understand the position of your mains water supply valve– not just to turn off your water before your holiday but to shut off the water supply if you experience a pipes emergency while at house.

If you’re not sure of the area of your mains water supply or if you have no idea the best ways to turn your mains supply off, contact your plumber as soon as possible to show you the best ways to do this.

What Else Can You Do?

In addition to shutting off your mains water system, there are other actions you can require to secure your pipes while on vacation.

Consider draining pipes all the water from your plumbing in addition to shutting off the mains supply if vacationing during winter season. This prevents the threat of pipes breaking due to water inside freezing and broadening.
Inspect supply lines to your outlets and appliances before you go away. If you discover any frayed, damaged or dripping supply lines, have these changed before you leave your home.
Test that your sump pump is plugged in and functional before you disappear to avoid returning to a sewage flood.
Check your gutters for leaf and particles build-up to enhance drainage and avoid flooding to your basement or foundation in the event of heavy rain.