DIY Plumbing Projects Versus Hiring a Professional Plumber

DIY Plumbing Projects Versus Hiring a Professional Plumber – What Is Best?

You’ll have just purchased and moved into a new home, the price of which actually leaves you with a pretty small budget for renos and repairs. It is the dream house and you are planning on staying for a long time nevertheless over the next couple of months you would like to keep costs to a minimum. What fixes can you postpone for a little bit and what needs to be repaired at the moment? Will you repair your own plumbing or hire an expert to fix it?

Here’s a few things to think about:

Benefits of DIY Projects

This is a good idea if:

1. You’ve got some general plumbing knowledge. If you’re handy and can repair stuff around the home on your own, then you ought to try. Be very truthful with yourself about your skills in fixing the plumbing. You do not want to make the problem a whole lot worse and even more expensive.

2. The plumbing repairs are quite straightforward. Plumbing, when mistakes are made have a tendency to make the problem much worse as opposed to better. Big repairs need a plumbing technician, but trivial things like replacing a tap is ok.

3. Make sure you’ve got a plan B. You might end up with a flood in the basement or bathroom if the issue is more serious than you first thought. In the middle of a flood is absolutely not when you want to try and find out how to repair the plumbing. Keep the phone number of an emergency plumber close by, should you need it.


DIY projects are a bad idea when:

1. The necessary repairs will be considerable and difficult, ensure you are able to differentiate between basic do it yourself repairs and a major restoration. Big repairs will need a professional not a band aid solution. Things like leaking pipes need to be repaired as soon as possible. Structural damage and decaying wood can occur if leaks are not repaired.

2. You have a home that needs a lot of repairs. Older homes that have not been correctly looked after often need a lot of work, such as upgrading the entire plumbing system. This is too large a job to do all on your own, it demands a plumbing company.

3. The amount the plumbing company is charging is reasonably low. Let the professionals do the work for you.